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At Tyrone Watson Law P.A, it’s all about people. “Putting people first” should be a necessity for any attorney practicing family law in central Florida. However, for Mr. Watson, he carries that philosophy into all practice areas. Because of this, when you hire Mr. Watson, you’ll come away with the feeling that your case has been handled by someone with your best interests at heart, that you are more than just billable hours for him.

Altamonte Springs Family Lawyer

Mr. Watson has been practicing family law since 2010.  As a family lawyer, Mr. Watson has substantial experience in divorces, custody disputes, child support, adoptions, and prenuptial agreements.

As of May 21, 2018 Attorney Watson is a FINRA arbitrator.  Arbitrators are dedicated individuals serving the investing public and the securities industry by resolving securities-related disputes.  FINRA arbitrators listen to both sides of a securities-related dispute, weigh the facts and render a final and binding decision.


Mr. Watson recognizes the sensitive nature of this often emotionally charged dispute. You may be upset with the potential end of a relationship, the loss of property and the loss of custody of your children. Mr. Watson will listen to your side of the story, research the circumstances of both parties to the divorce action and advise you on the best way forward. He can help resolve custody disputes that result in the best possible circumstance for parent and child, and make sure the child is taken care of with an appropriate request for support payments.


The law doesn’t only end familial relationships, it can help begin relationships through the process of adopting a child. Mr. Watson can help you prepare for any legal hurdles you may experience in the process, and represent you at hearings. He can also solidify relationships within blended families by facilitating a stepparents’ adopting a stepchild.

Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement may allow spouses to feel more secure when getting married. Mr. Watson can help you feel more secure by drafting an agreement that protects your interests. If you’ve already signed an agreement but don’t think its fair, Mr. Watson can renegotiate the deal or address the matter in court.

Other Practice Areas

In addition to practicing family law in Orange County, Mr. Watson has experience in several other practice areas including business law, criminal defense, dependency, guardanship law, intellectual property and estate planning.

Mr. Watson will bring the same “putting people first” philosophy to these practice areas as he does family law. If you are in the Orange County or central Florida area and you need a lawyer who will handle your case with compassion and competency, call Tyrone Watson today.

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