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Consistent and Client Driven.

Counselor Watson assisted me in filing and settling a lawsuit that had been troublesome to me for some time. Mr. Watson provided valuable insight and followed through on all of his intentions. His recommendations for the proper approach to the case as well as the anticipated result were incredibly helpful as I had not been involved in any litigation prior to this lawsuit.

I would strongly recommend Attorney Tyrone Watson for anyone considering an attorney that handles cases personally, yet professionally.

- (5 star review)

The BEST there is!

I was in a ongoing legal battle over custody that was not only long lasting (over a decade) but was also violent, full of manipulation, and left me feeling like I should just give up. I went to numerous attorneys for help but the answer was still the same, I was turned down, told that due to the length of time that it wasn’t worth it, or it would be super expensive with no real guarantee of a change. I was told that Mr. Watson would be the best chance I had. After 1 phone conversation and explaining all of the ongoing issues he told me that what had been happening could be corrected. I finally had hope….We went to court and argued our case, the judge ruled in favor of the child and not the custodial parent and we were finally reunited. I can’t tell you how much Mr. Watson has helped my family. If you take anything away from my story please let it be that you should at least make a phone call before passing up someone who will be on your side fighting for you.

- (5 star review)

Family Law

Tyrone is a very good lawyer. Met Tyrone at my old job and never knew what he did. Until we had a deep conversation and found out he was a lawyer. He told me, let me handle your case and he treated it as if this was his only case. He made me feel like I had nothing to worry about. His payment plans are reasonable and his eagerness to help get your case rolling and closed out is amazing.. Couldn’t ask for a better lawyer who understands you as his client but also treats you like family in the process!!!!

- (5 star review)

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