Florida Family Law

A top family law firm in Altamonte Springs, Florida, Tyrone Watson Law, P.A. offers a wide array of family services. The law firm can assist you with everything from drafting a prenuptial contract to resolving a complicated child custody dispute.

Divorce and Legal Separation

Divorce is one of the chief legal matters handled at Tyrone Watson Law, P.A. Spouses seek the firm’s assistance for everything from filing for divorce to preparing for depositions. The firm supports those seeking divorce via a variety of methods, including mediation, collaboration, and litigation. Clients appreciate Tyrone Watson’s personalized approach, and the compassion he demonstrates for those going through an undeniably traumatic ordeal.

Although the state of Florida does not formally recognize legal separation, Tyrone Watson Law, P.A. can offer assistance to couples who wish to live apart or unmarried partners who plan to go their separate ways. With the law firm’s help, these couples can deal with child custody and other legal complications.

Pre and Postnuptial Agreements

Couples who wish to protect their separate assets before or after entering into marriage can complete either pre or postnuptial agreements. These do not make a marriage any less valid; they simply outline division of property in the event of divorce. Tyrone Watson Law, P.A. offers valuable pre and postnuptial agreement drafting services. Additionally, the firm can help couples with existing pre or postnups navigate the divorce process, particularly if unique circumstances call for fighting these documents or setting them aside.


Family law is not exclusively about divorce, many clients seek the advice of family lawyers as they embark on the adoption process. From domestic open adoption to more complicated international adoptions, Tyrone Watson Law, P.A. provides assistance every step of the way.

Essential Qualities in an Altamonte Springs Family Lawyer

Your attorney should demonstrate a thorough understanding of the local legal system. Seemingly small regional differences can have a huge impact down the road, so attention to detail is crucial. A personalized approach is also essential, as no two family cases are alike. Your attorney should listen carefully to your concerns and respond honestly — but also compassionately.

Whether you’re in the midst of divorce or adoption, you can rely on Tyrone Watson Law, P.A. for support. Get in touch today to learn more about the family services offered at this trusted Altamonte Springs law firm.

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